The team at MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC (and its predecessor Medichem International Marketing) have been innovating, developing and marketing biocides to the human, dental, laboratory, veterinary and environmental industries for over 20 years, with products being sold across the globe. MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC continues to focus on:

  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance under ISO9001:2015
  • Medical Device product development under EN13485:2016
  • Commercial Development and Market Research
  • Brand and market development
  • Distribution and Licensing Contracts

A skilled and strategic team of qualified specialists and consultants work together to create and deliver safe, secure and reliable products that lead the markets in which we operate, whether that be for products destined for registration under the Biocidal Products Directive or Medical Device Directive.

We also support companies seeking own brand options and innovate specialist solutions under contract.

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