We’re happy to announce that AIRGENE will soon be available in 300ml canisters too!

AIRGENE can be used for disinfection of surfaces and environments in operating rooms, ambulances, kitchens, lavatories, cold-storage rooms, aeroplanes, buses, trains, boats, air conditioning systems, meeting rooms, veterinary clinics.

Our AIRGENE 50ml product is currently available to purchase by visiting our WHERE TO BUY section of the website or following this link:

If the space you require to disinfect is larger than 40m3 then AIRGENE 300ml may be better suited for you - please see surface area information below.

The 300ml AIRGENE product will be available to purchase soon so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter Accounts or call:

08452 22 33 44, for more information!


50ml small
container for 40m3 rooms

300ml large
container for 150m3 rooms

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