ANIGENE HOCL2000 provides RAPID ACTION without rapid rise in costs!

Medimark Scientific has led the way in providing a comprehensive range of biocides for the Veterinary market, with disinfectant and cleaning products for surfaces, air, instruments, devices and skin.

To enhance the portfolio of surface disinfectants, ANIGENE HOCL2000 now presents the user with a powerful yet safe alternative to many disinfectants claiming sporicidal capability. Many of the products that fall under this description can be expensive to use, may present materials compatibility issues or can come with health and safety considerations. Medimark Scientific have recognised that the Veterinary practitioner needs a product that is simple to use, cost-effective and practical.

To meet this demand, ANIGENE HOCL is presented as simple to use trigger spray. Simply add water, leave for a few minutes and the product is ready to use. The solution is mixed (following addition of tap water) from two soluble sachets to produce an active solution of Hypochlorous Acid and can be kept for up to 7 days. The packaging can be easily disposed off in recyclable waste bins.

Whilst sporicidal efficacy is generally only required for specialist applications and not routine use, HOCL2000 is ideal for use in conjunction with a disinfection programme including ANIGENE NaDCC (floors, DEFRA requirements, Giardia, etc.) and AIRGENE Aerosol Disinfectant for Deep Clean applications. For routine and broad spectrum use ANIGENE HLD4V continues to represent the most economic, materials safe and routine disinfectant.

With a price equivalent to other 750ml disinfectant trigger sprays, ANIGENE HOCL2000 provides RAPID ACTION without rapid rise in costs!

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