Medimark supporting the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society

“MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC LIMITED and its Directors have been supporters of the Animal Welfare industry since the 1990’s.”

Following a long term supply relationship with Dogs Trust (the largest dog charity in the UK), MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC has been supporting the activities of the World Veterinary Service and its Mission Rabies drive in India. Managing Director Rick Hayman volunteered for a fortnight in Kolkata following the launch in September 2013. He said “Our company has worked with animal welfare charities for more than 20 years and I wanted to do something more positive than simply making a donation”. That said the company also recognises the need for charitable supplies and as such, MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC is providing all participants in Mission Rabies with personnel disinfectant supplies.

World Veterinary Service is more than just a charity that focusses on rabies and aims to assist areas of deprived veterinary care around the world. In Sierra Leone there is only one animal welfare charity with only one practicing vet in the country. He battles against the clock with limited funding and resources to keep animals alive, treat injury, restore responsible pet ownership and battle stray dog population control humanely and safely. The lack of surgical skin scrub in the country has major health implications, leaving the animals given life-saving surgery open to death via infection. MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC with the kind support of CAROUSEL LOGISTICS (who are shipping at their cost) will be sending a pallet of skin, surface and instrument disinfectants to support the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society who make the difference between life and death for the animals cared for in this Worldwide Veterinary Service project. The protection of these animals is absolutely life-changing and makes a huge difference to animal welfare in Sierra Leone.”

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