Medimark Scientific Terms and Conditions 2020-21

​Medimark Scientific Terms and Conditions of Sale - 2020-21

1) General
a. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by a Director [or authorised executive] of the Company all goods are sold upon the following Terms and Conditions and no agent or representative of the Company has any authority to vary or omit these Terms and Conditions or any of them. Any Terms and Conditions printed on the buyer’s order forms or in correspondence or elsewhere or implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing are binding only insofar as they are not at variance with these Terms and Conditions and they have been specifically agreed to in writing by a Director [or authorised executive] of the company. 2) Quotations and Acceptance

a. Quotations issued by the Company whether verbally or in writing do not constitute offers and the Company reserves the right to withdraw or revise the same at any time prior to the Company’s acceptance of the buyer’s order.

b. The Company reserves the right at any time to refuse to accept orders and cancel any incomplete orders or to suspend delivery, due to circumstances beyond its control.

3) Prices

a. The prices shown in our price lists are correct at the time of printing but are subject to alteration without notice.

b. The prices payable for the goods shall be those that pertain at the time of order.

c. An administration fee of £5 will be added to any order under the value of £25

d. Unless otherwise specified, prices are exclusive of, carriage, VAT and any other duty or tax payable by the buyer, which shall be added to the price.

4) Delivery

a. The Company will use all reasonable endeavors to deliver at the time stated but delivery dates shall be regarded as estimates only and not of any contractual effect. The Company shall not be liable for any delay occasioned by any cause whatsoever beyond the Company’s control.

b. In the case of delivery of goods by installments, the buyer will not be entitled to treat the delivery of faulty goods in any one installment or the late delivery or non-delivery of any one installment as a repudiation of the whole contract.

c. The costs of carriage will be charged to the buyer on the invoice for the goods at the time of dispatch.

d. Deliveries cannot be made to PO Boxes as all goods must be signed for. Please advise of any restrictions to the delivery address at the time of order. Goods will be delivered between the hours of 08.00hrs & 18.00hrs

e. Economy delivery is charged at £13.75 up to 20kg + 27 pence per kg thereafter but may be subject to change from time to time

f. Next Day delivery subject to hazards classification compliance is charged at £18.75 up to 20kg + 32 pence per kg thereafter but may be subject to change from time to time

g. Deliveries to the Highlands and Islands are subject to charging at the prevailing rate – please note restrictions may apply and these will be advised on each individual order placed.

h. Deliveries of 200 litre and 1000 litre bulk products are subject to quotation and costs may vary dependent on quantity and location

5) Risk and Title to Goods

a. The risk in the goods passes to the buyer upon delivery but property in the goods remains vested in the Company and shall only pass from the Company to the buyer upon full payment being made by the buyer of all sums due on whatsoever account or grounds to the Company from the buyer. In the event of the goods being sold by the buyer in such manner as to pass to a third party a valid title to the goods, whilst any such sums are due as aforesaid, the buyer shall be the trustee for the Company of the proceeds of such sale or to the claim for such proceeds and the buyer shall place such proceeds in a separate bank account. The Company’s rights under this sub-clause (a) shall attach to the proceeds of such sale. Nothing herein shall constitute the buyer the agent of the Company for the purposes of any such sub-sale.

b. The buyer agrees that prior to full payment being made as aforesaid, the Company may at any time repossess the goods and enter upon the buyer’s premises and remove the goods there from (and dispose of the same in any manner it may decide) and that prior to such payment the buyer shall keep such goods as fiduciary agent and bailee and separate and identifiable for this purpose.

6) Payment

a. Payment of invoices shall unless otherwise agreed in writing be made in full without any deduction or set-off by the due date stated on the invoice.

b. Failure to make due payment in respect of any deliveries or instalments under this or any other contract between the buyer and the Company shall entitle the Company to delay, suspend or cancel deliveries in whole or in part at its option.

c. Any extension of credit allowed to the buyer may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Any credit accounts are payable 30 days from invoice date.

d. Payment by debit card and credit card are accepted with the exception of American Express

e. Account Terms are offered subject to satisfactory credit references.

f. If payment is not made in full by the due date stated on the invoice:-

i. That under the terms of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, the company have the right to claim interest and compensation for late payments at the rate of 8%above the Bank of England base rate (such interest to accrue on a day-to-day basis from the due date for payment until receipt by the Company of the full amount whether before or after any judgement). The company also has the right to claim reasonable third party debt recovery costs and the right to challenge contractual terms that do not provide a substantial remedy against late payments; and

ii. The buyer shall indemnify the Company against all costs and expenses (including any legal costs and expenses on a full indemnity basis) incurred or sustained by the Company in recovering sums due or in exercising its rights pursuant to Clause 5, in each case without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to the Company.

iii. Payment shall be due whether or not property in the goods has passed by virtue of Clause 5 above and the Company shall (without prejudice to any other right or remedy) accordingly be entitled to sue for the price once the same is due even if property in the goods has not passed.

7) Data Protection Notice

a. Data relating to the Data Subject (Individuals who are the subjects of Personal Data and whose Data is processed by the Data Controller) will be processed by the Data Controllers (A person or organization which either alone or jointly or in common with other persons determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any Personal Data of the Data Subjects are processed) and will be held securely in confidence and processed for the purpose of carrying out the business of the Data Controllers and associates activities such as insurance, risk assessment and other related activities (“Activities).

b. The Data Controller may consult with and disclose the Data Subject’s Data to third parties such as insurers, credit insurers, credit reference agencies and other carefully selected parties (“Third Parties”) who may process the Data also as Data Controllers for the purpose of carrying out the Activities for any business applications made directly or indirectly to the Data Controllers by the Data Subject now or in the future. The Data Controllers may also receive Data on the Data Subject from the Third Parties. The Data will be processed both within and outside the European Economic Area.

c. The Data Subject can write to the Data Controller:

i. If the Data Subject does not have a contractual relationship with the Data Controllers and are objecting to the processing as setout above.

ii. The Data Subject requires access to their data held by the Data Controller.

iii. The Data subject requires details of any third-party data controllers who also process the Data Subjects Data.

8) Bank Funding, Invoice Discounting, Factoring

a. Where the customer uses banking facilities or factoring or an invoice discounting company which involves the selling of debtors or using debtors as security, the customer must notify the factoring or invoice discounting company of the Company’s interest in the goods and specifically that title in the goods has not passed until the invoice has been paid in full, as set out in 5 above.

9) Liability

a. The buyer shall inspect the goods upon delivery. The Company will make good at its option by credit or replacement any defects in the goods due solely to defective workmanship or materials which are notified in writing to the Company and, in the case of any defect discoverable upon reasonable examination, such notification must be made within three days from the date of delivery and, in the case of any defect not discoverable upon reasonable examination, such notification must be made within fourteen days of the date such defect is actually discovered provided that :

i. The aforesaid obligations on the Company shall not extend to defects caused by willful damage, negligence (other than by employees or agents of the Company), incorrect storage or application, movement, installation or defects caused by fair wear and tear;

ii. The aforesaid obligations on the Company shall in any event only apply for a period of twelve months from the date of delivery.

b. Save as herein set out and for liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence on the part of the Company and save for breach of the seller’s statutory implied undertakings as to title, all express or implied conditions, representations or warrantees as to description, quality or fitness of the goods or otherwise are expressly excluded.

c. Save for liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence of the Company, the Company’s aggregate liability under any one claim or under the total of all claims arising from any one act or default of the Company howsoever such a claim or claims arise (be it by negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation or otherwise) shall in no circumstances exceed £50,000.00 or such greater figure as is from time to time the limit of liability laid down by the Company’s insurers in respect of such claims PROVIDED THAT the Company shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or loss of profits or contract whatsoever(whether arising by the Company’s negligence or otherwise).

10) Force Majeure

a. The Company shall not be liable to the buyer for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the buyer as a direct or indirect result of the supply of goods by the Company being prevented, hindered, delayed or rendered uneconomic by reason of circumstances or events beyond the Company’s control including but not limited to Act of God, war, riot, strike, lock-out, trade dispute or labour disturbance, accident, break-down of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, difficulty of increased expense in obtaining workmen, materials or transport or other circumstances affecting the supply of goods or raw materials therefore by the Company’s normal source of supply or the manufacture of the goods by the Company’s normal means or the delivery of the goods by the Company’s normal route or means of delivery.

11) Legal Interpretation

a. Any agreement to which these Terms and Conditions apply shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with such agreement shall be determined by the English Courts.

12) Severance and Waiver

a. In the event of any part of these Conditions being ineffective for any reason, the remainder thereof shall constitute the Conditions binding upon the parties.

b. Failure or neglect by the Company to enforce at any time any of the provisions hereof shall not be construed as nor be deemed to be a waiver of the Company’s rights hereunder nor shall such failure or neglect in any way affect the validity of the whole or any part of these Terms and Conditions and the Company’s right to take subsequent action shall not be prejudiced thereby.

13) Returns Policy

a. We are committed to selling high-quality products we hope you’ll enjoy the benefits of them but we also know that, for one reason or another, there may be a time when you need to exchange or return something that you have bought. Please make sure that you check your items carefully within 24hrs of delivery and also before they are used. We also recommend that you keep your order confirmation and the delivery packaging, as you might need it as proof of purchase in the event of any after-sales queries. We know that you will be pleased with your purchases from Medimark Scientific Ltd but if you do need to return anything to us the following policy will assist you.

b. Items Damaged in Transit - If any items were damaged in transit, we ask that you report it to us within 48hrs. If the items are visibly damaged on receipt, it is best to sign the carrier’s delivery note accordingly or refuse the delivery. By signing for the goods you are taking ownership and responsibility for their quality. Items should be returned in their original packaging complete with all accessories and documentation. Once received back into our warehouse, we will issue a replacement and issue a credit to your account. A new invoice will be raised for the replacement goods.

c. Items Faulty on Arrival / Incorrect Items Delivered - If your items are faulty or you have been delivered items that you did not order or have received the incorrect items, you have 7 days in which to inform us. Items should be returned in their original packaging complete with all accessories and documentation. Once we have verified the fault, we will issue a replacement and issue a credit to your account. A new invoice will be raised for the replacement goods. We thoroughly test and inspect all returned items, and if a returned item is found not to be faulty by our technicians you will be liable for the return carriage plus administration costs and restocking fees. A breakdown of these will be explained to you when you notify us of a return.

d. Items Faulty in Warranty Period - If any of your purchases develop a fault, and it’s more than 28 calendar days since receipt, then provided your item is within its warranty period, you are entitled to a warranty repair or replacement (subject to manufacturers advice). In some cases, manufacturers provide a specialist full on-site service and/or telephone help facility for your convenience which we recommend you use in order to correct the fault quickly. For business customers, all warranty repairs after 28 days of receipt are referred directly to the manufacturer (unless otherwise stated).

e. General - Any items reported or advised outside of the time restraints advised above cannot be returned or replaced.

Meet with us at MEDICA 2020

Join Medimark Scientific (a Byotrol PLC company) at the Virtual MEDICA Exhibition from the 16th – 19th November to discuss how we can support your anti-viral and infection prevention portfolio enhancement.

Make use of the Networking Plaza to schedule meetings with Rick, Jeff and Alastair from our team, who will be able to talk with you about our products and answer your queries.

Head over to the MEDICA website to register for free, and pop along to our exhibitor page here:

We can’t wait to see you!

Look out for information on the following products: -

CHEMGENE HLD4H Medical Device Surface Disinfectant in Concentrate, Wipes and RTU Trigger Spray (class IIa)

REPROZYME, NEOZYME, ULTRA P, and ULTRA SSC Class I Instrument Cleaners

INVIRTU Alcohol Free Hand Sanitising Foam with residual efficacy

BYOTROL 4 in 1 Multipurpose Cleaning Sanitiser with Stain and Odour Removal

AIRGENE Aerosol Disinfectant in 50ml and 300ml sizes

For more information, please email


The Manchester Cleaning Show Virtual Event is coming up fast, and Medimark Scientific will be there to help you with all of your Infection Prevention and Control needs.

Pop along to our booth to chat with Alan and Jon from our Sales team, message us on the live chat, or check out our available resources.

We will be attending this year’s cleaning show on 14th – 15th October – look for us on the Exhibitors List.

Make sure you register for free here:

We can’t wait to see you!

Look out for information on the following products: -

BYOTROL 4 in 1 Multipurpose Cleaning Sanitiser with Stain and Odour Removal

BYOTROL Surface Sanitiser and Wipes

INVIRTU Alcohol Free Hand Sanitising Foam with residual efficacy

ENVOGENE HLD4E Environmental Disinfectant in concentrate and RTU Trigger Sprays

CHEMGENE HLD4H Surface Disinfectant in concentrate, Wipes and RTU Trigger Spray (class IIa)

AIRGENE Aerosol Disinfectant in 50ml and 300ml sizes

ANIGENE HLD4V Animal Health Disinfectant in concentrate and wipes

For more information, please email

If you’re not able to make it this time, we look forward to seeing you in person next year in September 2021.

MEDIMARK transitions to EC Certificate with SGS

​Following the decision by LRQA to withdraw from supporting medical device registrations, Medimark Scientific successfully engaged with SGS to accredit the company under ISO9001:2015 (completed on 19th February 2020).

Subsequently EC Certification followed from 24th April 2020 by SGS Belgium and then ISO13485:2016 from 6th May 2020.

Certificates are available upon request and further details can be obtained from .


Following interest in our company’s profile during the COVID outbreak and following the acquisition of Medimark Scientific, David Traynor (CEO of parent company Byotrol PLC) speaks with both Charlie Gibson of Core Finance and Andrew Scott of Proactive.

Follow the links to the interviews here: -—extraordinary—demand-920054.html


There have been multiple reports of hand sanitisers and other disinfectant products being sold on Amazon, Ebay and by companies at significantly elevated prices, driven by opportunistic profiteering. Trading Standards and the Government has already made statements regarding task forces to crack down on this practice and some countries have set limits on the prices of certain products.

Medimark Scientific takes a moral and ethical approach to pricing and sale of our products and we strongly distance ourselves from any company that would use this crisis for the purposes of profiteering.

Rest assured that the price you pay today is unchanged through this crisis!

For more information and assistance please call 01732 763555.

British Equestrian Trade Exhibiton

MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC are proud to be attending their first British Equestrian Trade Association exhibition (BETA) at the NEC Birmingham on the 19th-21st January. Come and join us on stand J7.12 in the NEW ZONE to talk with Lydia and Paulina about our new DEFRA approved Equine Disinfectant EQUIGENE

Medimark Scientific is the leading biocides and hygiene provider to the UK Veterinary market with many vets relying on our products to support the treatment of Horses and other large animals. We were also associated with the London 2012 Olympics by supporting the Equestrian events with their infection control requirements to protect the International Competitors. EQUIGENE is tested by DEFRA under General Orders and therefore also meets the requirements of the Rules of Racing as set by the Horse Racing Authority (HRA).

Distributor Enquirers are welcomed.

MEDICA 2019 - expanding the distribution network

Following the success of our recent International Distributor Meeting, Medimark Scientific will be again attending MEDICA Dusseldorf from 18th to 21st November 2019.

Medimark Scientific operates within human health, animal health, laboratory, life science, emergency service and associated industries in the UK and also keen to support our EU and International distributors as well as building and growing our presence overseas. Our portfolio of class I, class IIa and class IIb registered medical devices includes: -

CHEMGENE HOCL2000 Sporicidal Surface Disinfectant (class IIa)

CHEMGENE HLD4H Surface Disinfectant in concentrate, Wipes and RTU Trigger Spray (class IIa)

REPROZYME CE Enzymatic Instrument Cleaning Solution (class I)

ULTRA P Instrument Cleaner for stainless steel instruments (class I)

ULTRA SSC Stainless Steel Conditioner for instruments and devices in need of restoration

REPRODIS HLD4i Instrument Disinfectant (class IIb)

INVIRTU Alcohol Free Hand Sanitising Foam with residual efficacy

Our attendance at MEDICA this year will be with the support of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and we can found in their pavilion located in hall 16, our stand number is 16K17-2

for more information or to arrange a meeting on our stand please email

Medimark Scientific sets its sights on the Dental market

Medimark Scientific supplies disinfectants and and cleaning products to the human health, laboratory, life science, environmental, emergency service and animal health markets for many years.

As an ISO9001:2015 an ISO13485:2016 accredited manufacturer of such products, our portfolio of class I and IIa medical device registered products are ideally suited for the dental industry and certain key products are already well known and used in this market, such as Ultra P Instrument Cleaner. Similar to other industries the Dental industry is comprised of independent practitioners and larger groups that single source their products from larger supply chain providers. Medimark Scientific is well versed in supporting larger groups with preferred supplier agreements as well as meeting the needs of individual practices.

This year we will be attending the BDIA Dental Showcase, held at the NEC Birmingham from 17th to 19th October - see us at stand P72.

Our product portfolio on display will include: -

CHEMGENE HOCL2000 Sporicidal Surface Disinfectant (class IIa)

CHEMGENE HLD4H Surface Disinfectant in concentrate, Wipes and RTU Trigger Spray (class IIa)

REPROZYME CE Enzymatic Instrument Cleaning Solution (class I)

ULTRA P Instrument Cleaner for stainless steel instruments (class I)

ULTRA SSC Stainless Steel Conditioner for instruments and devices in need of restoration

INVIRTU Alcohol Free Hand Sanitising Foam with residual efficacy

For more information, please email


The team Medimark Scientific will once again be supporting the British Veterinary Nurse Association Congress and Exhibition, which is this year being held at the Telford International Centre from 11th to 13th October 2019.

We are located at Stand C9 and should be a first point of call if you looking for infection control products, whether that be Surface Disinfectants, Instrument cleaning, disinfection and reprocessing chemicals to improve the quality of cleaning and shortening the time spent cleaning instruments and devices, to hand disinfectants, surgical hand disinfectants and INVIRTU our new alcohol free hand sanitising foam rub.

Come and see why Medimark Scientific products (ANIGENE, REPROZYME, REPRODIS, VETSCRUB, VETGEL, etc) are the recommended or preferred option for many groups including Pets at Home Veterinary Group, Independent Vet Care Group, Vet Partners and many more.

HLD4 formulation meets further benchmarks in testing…

Medimark Scientific continues to build its microbiological test portfolio for its HLD4 formulation.

Recent testing undertaken demonstrates efficacy in 5 minutes against Murine Norovirus, Adenovirus and also under EN13610:2002 against Lactococcus lactis to be virucidal against Bacteriophages.

Further testing is underway and will be reported upon in due course, but for more information please email

6 modules of Accredited CPD

Medimark Scientific are proud to announce we have recently achieved accredited CPD Status with the CPD Standards Office.

To achieve the accreditation Medimark Scientific has undergone a rigorous assessment process that focuses on the development and delivery of our training including our educational authority, how we collect and utilise our delegate feedback and ensure our content is kept up to date.

Now we have achieved this accreditation and status as an accredited CPD Provider, we are committed to working hard to maintain, and exceed, the excellent standard we have already set.

For more information on our Accredited CPD please email

Effervescent Chlorine tablets remain a potent tool in managing Ebola outbreaks such as in DR Congo

The World Health Organisation has referenced the use of Chlorine in its Q&A and guidance information concerning water, sanitation and hygiene since publication in October 2014. For more information, follow the WHO link below:

Chlorine solution has been indicated to use in the washing of reusable PPE as well as surfaces that may have come into contact with body fluids, and areas contaminated with blood and other body fluids, and to be used in the final soaking of soiled bed linen after removal of solid decontamination, and detergent washing.In tablet form the products are easy to store securely, easy to use and have a 5 year shelf life and so ideal for immediate use and as a longer term emergency supply easily deployed for outbreak use.

For more information on our CHEMGENE NaDCC Chlorine tablets, please see our product page - or contact


Following a review of the training material and support offered to animal welfare organisations and veterinary groups, Medimark Scientific has been modernising its training and created a dedicated position for a Training and Development Manager to deliver these new modules.

These are now offered widely to assist in the enhancement of infection control and biosecurity within the small animal environment and the company also works closely with major welfare organisations to assist in the development of SOP’s to meet the growing need for CPD and improved practices. During one such visit in march 2019, Lydia Buckmaster the Training & Account Development Manager visited Guernsey and the GSPCA to provide training to help with the cleaning process and understanding how to use ANIGENE disinfectant and similar products during the cleaning process safely and to prevent the spread of illness and disease. Previously in 2017 Rick Hayman Managing Director from Medimark Scientific Ltd came over to do a very similar talk and concentrating on the disease spread of the rabbit disease RHVD2 and how to help prevent spread it. Lydia ran two sessions for staff and volunteers at the GSPCA between the two sessions which was extremely well received and great feedback and appreciation was given for the training which is called Medimark Principles of Infection Control.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manger said “We are hugely grateful to Medimark Scientific Ltd for all they do for us here at the GSPCA from the free training to the wonderful donations they provide. All the team including myself enjoyed the training from Lydia and although the team have extremely high standards of cleanliness and infection control there was a buzz in the room after both sessions especially from those that have recently joined the team as well as ideas of adding additional equipment around the site to help visitors. We never know what illnesses or diseases the animals may carry that arrive at the GSPCA and ANIGENE which we use from Medimark Scientific Ltd is a fantastic product that we use in all areas to ensure we have a safe and hygienic environment.

Medimark Scientific are 2019 Sponsors of the ADCH (Association of Dogs and Cats Homes) and will be promoting the new training programs to Animal Welfare organisations interested in developing enhanced SOP’s, staff training programs and improving their awareness of the latest developments in Biosecurity and Infection Control.

For more information, email


​This year will be our 26 year attending the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress (BSAVA), held again this year at the Barlaycard Arena in Birmingham City Centre.

During those years, we have brought new and exciting products to the market, tailored for the Veterinary and associated industries, The range that we now supply is the most comprehensive from any supplier in the UK market, from the ANIGENE range of high level surface disinfectants, AIRGENE Aerosol disinfectant, REPROZYME and REPRODIS Instrument cleaning and disinfectant chemistries to the ULTRA Stainless Steel cleaning products, to a wide array of hand disinfectant and surgical rub options.

Our products are now available form every specialist Veterinary product wholesaler in the UK and specified as recommended products by IVC, Pets at Home Veterinary Group, VetPartners and many more, as well as major animal welfare charities such as Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

If you’re visiting come and see us at stand E39, enter our competition, speak to our specialists and pick up a sample of our latest product ESENSE+ alcohol free Hand Sanitiser with residual activity.



Following an all involved team effort and successful audit by LRQA, Medimark Scientific has not only maintained their existing accreditation to ISO9001:2015 but has also transitioned to the ISO13485:2016 standard Quality Management Systems for medical devices.

Medimark Scientific offer a range of class I, IIa and IIb registered devices for instrument / device cleaning, medical device surface disinfection and for disinfection of non-surgically invasive device.

For more information CLICK HERE

Efficacy against Murine Norovirus

CHEMGENE HLD4 has been re-tested to be effective against Murine Norovirus at 1:100 under EN14476.

Combined with its broad range efficacy against bacteria, yeasts and other viruses in dirty conditions, CHEMGENE HLD4H is ideal for home use and community health Primary Care applications as well as its recommended use for professional applications in hospitals, dentists and other clinical areas.

For wholesale enquiries and further information please email

Regulatory Impact of Brexit on Medical Devices

Marking of medical devices in accordance with the requirements of European Council Directive 93/42/EEC as amended permits the sale of CE marked product throughout Europe.

Medimark Scientific Limited are certified by Lloyds Register (LR) in the United Kingdom for the manufacture and distribution of CE marked medical device disinfectants throughout Europe. Such certification is denoted by displaying the CE mark and Lloyds Register’s UK notified body number 0088 on the product label.

The impact of the process known as Brexit on CE marked products manufactured by Medimark Scientific is as yet unclear due to the lack of information and planning that is forthcoming from our Government however, there are a number of potential scenarios that are being considered. Any form of Brexit which does not include plans to allow UK Notified Bodies to continue to provide their clients with CE marking services could directly lead to the risk of patients’ lives in the UK and EU. Our Notified Body believes it is therefore extremely likely that the UK Government and the EU Commission will forge a suitable agreement with the EU27 to prevent this from happening.

Worst Case Scenario – No Deal/Hard Brexit

To maintain our ability to place product on the market in the event of a no deal or hard Brexit, we are required to use a European recognised Notified Body. Our UK Notified body has submitted an application to the Dutch Competent Authority (Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd, IGJ) for appointment as a Notified Body in the Netherlands. This will enable them to provide identical services to those they currently provide through their UK Notified Body with what is expected to be a reasonably straightforward process.

If the LR application to the Netherlands is not approved in time and in, what they view as the highly unlikely event of a hard Brexit, then they would be unable to provide Notified Body services for products entering the EU27 markets and as such, current LR issues EC certificates would cease to be valid with effect from the withdrawal date (1st November 2019 00:00 hrs CET). The implications of such a situation are unprecedented.

Therefore, in the worst-case scenario of no deal or a hard Brexit our current EC Certificate will become void on the date at which the UK leaves the EU (31st October 2019). This will result in us not being able to place product on the market until such times as Medimark Scientific Ltd has an EC Certificate from a European Notified Body.

Soft Brexit

In the event that the proposed deal is struck, it is our understanding that a ‘Soft Brexit’ will include an implementation period in which the conformity assessment regime remains unchanged. One possible outcome is that the mutual recognition of Notified Bodies will be included in the proposed transition agreement, covering the period until December 2020 and may also include the possibility of a permanent mutual recognition scheme forming part of the final agreement however, this is yet to be seen. In such a scenario, our existing EC certificate, issued by LR (UK) will continue to be recognised in the EU, in at least the short term, allowing for a period of time to understand what new arrangements are required (if any).

What this could mean for you?

We are continuously liaising with our Notified Body and Government Departments to understand the situation as it unfolds and are putting measures in place to mitigate risks where possible. Existing product that is already in the market, including stock which has been sold to distributors, will continue to be supported under the original CE mark. We feel it necessary to warn customers, particularly those outside of the UK that there may be a period of time whereby Medimark Limited may not be able to directly supply products under our existing CE mark and there may be a delay in obtaining a new CE mark from which is directly linked to the approval of Lloyds Register in the Netherlands and the administration transfer to them. As such we are advising customers to review their current stock levels and order as appropriate in advance of the 1st November 2019 00:00 deadline.

We will endeavor to keep all customers informed of updates as and when they are available. In the meantime, the management team at Medimark Scientific Ltd are on hand to answer any questions that customers may have.

Regulatory Department
19.12.2018 (updated 31st May 2019)


RE: IMPACT OF BPR and BREXIT on chemical pricing and packaging

As a company that works beyond the UK borders, we have naturally received communications from concerned customers and stakeholders as to how BREXIT may impact the supply of our goods.

Whilst we do not anticipate that the UK will leave the EU without a deal, it would of course be naive to rely on this assumption and therefore Medimark Scientific has been working with its supply partners for some time to review all eventualities. One element is relative clear at this stage, that the UK will continue to apply the Biocidal Products and Medical Device directives. As such and from a regulatory perspective, since our company trades with the UK, EU and countries outside the EU, we do not envisage any regulatory changes.

The greatest concern for customers and stakeholders is one relative to supply chain and logistics. All our liquid products and wipes are manufactured within the United Kingdom and any impact is likely to come from delays in raw material supplies to our manufacturers and shipping of goods outside of the UK. As such, we have been working closely with our supply partners to ensure that not only do they have the necessary resource and materials to manage any supply chain difficulties, but we are also reviewing our own stock-holding position. One of our key parameters of supply is also to ensure that our supplier partners have similar back to back arrangements with their suppliers. From the perspective of shipping, we will be advising new lead times for orders and recommend that overseas customers take a view on their own stock-holding position and lead time impact.

We are happy to discuss ways in which we could assist you to minimise any potential impact on your business at your convenience. In the meantime, please check in here regularly for updates.

23/08/18 - Advice from regarding medical devices in event of no deal -

22/11/18 - Primary supplier confirms “limited impact on production capacity

30/11/18 - Update from on Biocides under Brexit -

19/12/18 - Medimark Scientific Brexit Regulatory Impact Statement relative to Medical Devices

02/01/18 - BBC Webiste - What could happen next?

04/01/18 - Latest news from UK Gov on Medical Devices in event of “Cliff Edge Exit”


As voting in “the House” continues, negotiations move back and forth and there is still no clear position on a deal or no deal situation, our policy of planning for the worst has ensured that our major distributor partners are ready for a similar “worst case” situation. As such, our manufacturers are holding 3-4 months or raw materials, we hold elevated volumes of finished goods and have also adjusted our lead times to compensate for any delays in production, delivery / logistics or customs delays. In particular our medical device distributors hold suitable stocks pending the transition to a new EU Medical Device certification. Our existing EC certification (registered in UK) will transition to a UK certificate and we are proud that we have completed a recent audit to ISO13485:2016.


12th April 2019 - Following the agreed extension to 31st October 2019, we are able to continue to place CE marked product on the EU market under the EN13485:2016 medical device certification. Our notified body LRQA has applied for an EU Accredited status and upon confirmation we expect to be able to file for a separate EU medical device certification, as following a formal Brexit agreement date our existing certificate will be converted to a UK Certification. We will be in contact with all our EU distributors over the next few months to ensure that sufficient stocks are held pending issue of a new EU certification.


31st May 2019 - Following the recent developments we are now gearing up for BREXIT Take 2 where the same update is pertinent as given on 19th December 2018 although with dates moved to 31st October 2019 - Medimark Scientific Brexit Regulatory Impact Statement relative to Medical Devices


6th August 2019 - We are still planning for a no deal BREXIT with our primary stakeholders, particularly regarding our medical device registered products. if you would like further advice on orders into the EU or impact upon manufacturing please email For any regulatory questions concerning how BREXIT will affect our products please email


6th September 2019 - useful flow chart from BBC on the latest developments in UK Parliament -

9th September 2019 - Medimark Scientific continues to plan for a NO DEAL scenario and to manage EU medical device expectations for placing product on the market. Whilst we covered by MHRA during the interim period we are now working with EU registered bodies to enable a medical device registration through EU accredited body..


15th October 2019 - Throughout the last 12 months Medimark Scientific and our suppliers have been on a continuous assessment programme and state of readiness for BREXIT. In particular this work includes working with our suppliers to maintain a continuous rolling stock of raw materials and ensuring that our own finished and bulk stocks are of a significant level to maintain supply in the event of any delays to production, raw materials or otherwise. Our Distributor network is also well stocked and we are ready to manage any back to back supply chain requests that we may receive. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on


21/10/2019 - UK Government publishes UK Withdrawal Agreement Bill -


30th October 2019 - Medimark Scientific engages SGS as its new accredited body. SGS advises that aims to migrate all clients to SGS Belgium prior to Brexit (regardless of a hard of soft exit)


31st January 2020 - UK leaves the EU with an agreed transitional period in place. As such our products may continue to be placed on the EU market pending issues of a new EU medical device certification.


Medimark Scientific has now transitioned to accreditation under SGS Belgium with an EC certification.

London Vet Show 2018

Medimark Scientific are attending the prestigious London vet Show and will be promoting our extensive range of surface and instrument disinfectants, cleaners and reprocessing chemicals to provide Trusted Infection Control to the Veterinary practitioner.

Our market leading brands are now available from all Veterinary Wholesalers, including NVS, Henry Schein Animal, Centaur Services, IMS, Mahr, Pioneer and VSSCo as is a recommended range of products for Veterinary Groups such as Vets4Pets, IVC, Medivet, VetPartners and many more.

Come and visit us at stand L18 to see what we have on offer.

Acquisition of UK infection control company Medimark Scientific Limited

Byotrol plc, the AIM listed anti-microbial hygiene company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Medimark Scientific Limited (“Medimark”) a leading provider of biocide-based infection control products into the animal and human healthcare markets.

Medimark is a profitable and growing business which has a broad sales, marketing and distribution expertise. Medimark sells infection control products used on surfaces, instruments and hands for the Animal Health, Human Health, Laboratory, Environment and Retail markets. The company is based in Sevenoaks, Kent, and is ISO9001 quality registered with supporting registration under the Medical Device Directive

There is an existing and long-standing relationship already in place between the two companies – Byotrol is currently a white label supplier of hand sanitisers to Medimark, which it sells under its Esense brand.


  • Immediately provides Byotrol with greater scale than could be achieved through current rates of organic growth. Medimark is profitable and cash generative and fits extremely well with Byotrol’s existing products and technology.
  • Highly complementary acquisition, offering extensive sales, marketing and distribution expertise in Byotrol’s core markets. Specific complementary with Byotrol’s Professional and Petcare businesses with significant synergies expected over time, including: enhanced distribution of Byotrol technologies to Medimark customers, in the UK and overseas, boosting economies of scale, distribution and market segment expertise, highly experienced, well-connected and resilient sales team and sales support and introduction of stronger disinfectant technologies to Byotrol portfolio including a proprietary sporicidal formulation
  • Doubles workforce, creating immediate critical mass with cost synergies available from bringing Medimark technical work in house.
  • Executive management staying with the combined business for the earnout and beyond, with incentives closely aligned with Byotrol shareholders.

Commenting on the
acquisition, John Langlands, Byotrol Chairman, said:

“We are delighted to have concluded the acquisition of Medimark and we welcome its directors, employees, customers and stakeholders to Byotrol. The fit between the two companies is remarkably strong with Medimark’s excellent sales and marketing capabilities dovetailing very well with our technical expertise. We also see more opportunities to take the combined group’s infection control products into consumer markets. Our enlarged operations will now be offering cutting-edge infection control products to more customers in our jointly-targeted markets with improved propositions. We have a strong balance sheet and are confident that the combination of the two companies will bring Byotrol to critical mass with the resources to deliver sustained growth and profitability.“

Rick Hayman, the MD and
major shareholder of Medimark, added:

“Joining forces with Byotrol is a very exciting step forward for the Medimark team, enabling us to take our business to a new level. With their technical expertise and our combined commercial and sales experience skills, we see the two companies as an excellent fit. We very much look forward to pursuing the market opportunities together with the Byotrol team.”


Medimark Scientific continues as ADCH Silver Sponsor

Medimark Scientific has been committed to the support of animal welfare since its inception and prior with connected companies such as Medichem International Marketing, via ts strong association and presence within the Veterinary market.

One of the leading associations in the animal welfare sector is the ADCH (Association of Dogs and Cats Homes), an organisation that Medimark Scientific has supported for many years and continues to do so as Silver Sponsor of the annual conference and associated regional events. Part of commitment supports members with as much guidance and attention as need to enhance and improve infection control within the shelter environment.

We strive to ensure that members receive beneficial commercial terms, training and work with individual organisations to support their objectives to provide them with the latest information on infection control and changing regulatory environment.

For more information on the ADCH visit their website -

We look forward to supporting the ADCH into 2019 and beyond.

Medimark Scientific showcases its expanded portfolio for BSAVA 2018

​This year’s BSAVA will represent the 26th year of continuous attendance for the management team of Medimark Scientific.

During this time the team has represented Medichem International and Medimark Scientific and it cross and lens branding has become synonymous with Veterinary Infection Control. Medimark Scientific continue to be the leading provider of infection control products to the Veterinary sector and will be showcasing its enhanced range of Surface and Instrument cleaning and disinfectants and personnel hygiene products. New products on display will include: -

ANIGENE HOCL Sporicidal Surface Disinfectant

ESENSE+ Alcohol free Hand Sanitising Foam

ULTRA SSC Stainless Steel Conditioner

As well as the comprehensive range of surface disinfectant and wipes, instrument cleaning and disinfectant products and hand hygiene products, Medimark Scientific also provide online training portals and advice to support the veterinary nurse and surgeon alike. To speak with one of our team visit stand 1015 and also enter our competition to win a CUBE projector.

More reasons why you can rely on our brands to give TRUSTED INFECTION CONTROL

Specialist Biocide Manufacture Medimark Scientific and Incubator agree investment terms

Incubator Capital Partners and Medimark Scientific have agreed a new funding package to assist the company with its ambitious growth plans for the next three years. Kevin Pritchard CEO will be joining the board of Medimark Scientific as Chairman.

Where “DEFRA APPROVAL” Is Required

The use of a “DEFRA APPROVED” product and its relevance to companion animal health organisations has often been confusing and exploited by certain competitors to sell their products.

The DEFRA protocol is established to identify products that can be used in the event of a notifiable disease outbreak under one of the five orders, being Diseases of General Orders, Poultry Order, Swine Vesicular Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease and TB. However, a “DEFRA Approved” product is ONLY required in the event an outbreak of one of such diseases and even then a recommended disinfectant under the relevant order should be used. Generally, products on the Approved Disinfectants list are designed for agricultural environments and designed to work in cold and extremely soiled environments, unlike most companion animal establishments.

Some commonly available companion animal disinfectants do have DEFRA Approval, but we believe that it is impractical to provide DEFRA Approval for all fragrance varieties and all disease orders, since products of our type (made for safe use around animals) generally pass at only high dilutions under DEFRA testing, such as 1:2 - 1:10. We regard these dilutions for companion animal health as impractical for several reasons: -
Instead and where ther is the rarity of a Notifiable Disease Outbreak, we recommend a product that is specially designed for such application. ANIGENE NaDCC has been tested across the majority of Notifiable Diseases at a dilution of between 1:317 and 1:953, with General Orders at 1:360. Additionally, this product is effective against Giardia Lambliaand is recommended as a periodic Deep Clean product or as an economic disinfectant in the event of a notifiable disease outbreak.

  • Using a product at 1:2 - 1:10 (30% - 10%) disinfectant to water ratio would be very expensive
  • Using a product at these dilutions would make cleaning very difficult
  • exceptional foam levels, residue build up, sticky floors, excessive rinsing required
  • There is a potential risk to staff and animals from contact with concentrated chemicals


CHEMGENE HLD4H is now CE certified under EN13485:2003

CHEMGENE HLD4H does not contain chemical actives like Alcohol, Phenols, Glutaraldehyde, or PHMB and is free from hazards like flammability, sensitisation, toxicity or carcinogenic risks as notified by EChA (European Chemicals Agency) and does not contain oxidising agents which can be classified as corrosive.

CHEMGENE HLD4H has been tested to be especially useful in situations where organic soilage may be present and where virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal efficacy is required. The HLD4 formulation has been tested to be effective against hepatitis B, HIV, Norovirus, Coronavirus, Herpes, Candida, Mycobacteria, MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella,Campylobacter, Streptococcus, etc. in dirty and clean conditions

Enhancements to our logistics and manufacturing arrangements

From March, Medimark Scientific will be moving the majority of its manufacturing to meet the enhanced legislative demands and to effect greater economies of scale. The greater resultant production capacity and higher levels of factory certification enables the company to enter biocide product sectors not presently available to it. Additionally, to meet the more stringent requirements of parcel tracking, we have re-established a contract with Carousel, an awrd winning logistics specialist, providing parcel, palletised and international shipping services.

Enhancements to our logistics and manufacturing arrangements ensure that customers and suppliers will see an improvement in the quality and delivery of our goods and services to the industry.





Join the war against MRSA, E.coli, Coronavirus, Hepatitis, etc. We have opportunities for companies or business motivated individuals to develop exclusive Regional Distributorships and agents for high level infection control and hygiene products into the Human Health, Environmental and Animal Health sectors. We are a UK manufacturing company with over twenty years successful track record and recognised branding in the industry.

Please email us for more information and to register your interest.

Medichem and the Equine Olympics and Paralympics


LOCOG (London Committee for the Organisation of the Games) chose Medichem International to advise on infection control procedures for the stables, transporting and veterinary centres for the Equesterian Olympics at Greenwich this year. More than 200 equine athletes, shipping in from over 40 countries, had to be protected from cross infection and this was listed as top priority. To deal with this, LOCOG appointed Professor Josh Slater, Principal of the Royal Veterinary College to take charge of the infection control programmes. Josh Slater called on Medichem to provide a hygiene protocol to be used across all equine facilities for the Olympics. Having learned from the experience gained at the Hong Kong Jockey Club stabling site used for the Olympics in 2008, we were in a strong position to make recommendations to Professor Slater. Arrivals from various countries (including UK) first went through an ‘Equine Staging Facility’ (EFS) where veterinary inspection of the horses was undertaken, before they could be transferred to the main site at Greenwich. Hygiene at the ESF was paramount since here was the first area where a horse presenting possible symptoms of illness would be examined and isolated before it could act as a transmission agent to others.

The most important part of any infection control policy is the establishment of a logical and effective cleaning and disinfection policy which follows similar rules to those that are (supposed to be) followed in the human health-care environment. This is all very well in the veterinary practice, or even in a large animal welfare establishment. Both of these tend to follow well-established routines, conducted by knnowledgeable nursing practitioners. Because of this, where good infection control policy is in place, cross-infections between boarders/patients are relatively uncommon. However, the cleaning and hygiene protocol in the Olympics stables was implimented in the main by team grooms and support staff, so it was important to provide easy to understand instructions on use and preparation, some of which were based on pictograms to help overcome the language issues.

The main stabling areas at Greenwich Park were constructed on a slightly elevated platform to avoid contact with the park environment and to contain waste products. Water was at a premium and drainage of a normally expected large quantity of rinse water from pre-washing by conventional detergents was regarded as unacceptable by LOCOG. We had, therefore, to design the Cleaning and Disinfection protocol around a system of minimal water useage and a single application of a dual-purpose disinfectant/cleaner. Anigene HLD4V High Level, Defra approved disinfectant proved ideal for the purpose.

Simple rules were rigorously enforced, including careful scrubbing and disinfecting of footwear on entry and exit, mandatory hand washing with Vetscrub CHX before entry to horse examination areas or stables and a readily available supply of Chemgene High Level Disinfectant Wipes and Anigene HLD4V trigger sprays to facilitate wiping down of ay areas. Cleaning and disinfection to a high level took place on the exit of each equine patient from an examination area and before the entry of the next. Flat surfaces, mangers, door edges, walls and floors - all had to cleaned in the same meticulous way, as did the vehicles used for transporting the equine athletes.

The routine implementation of strict veterinary precautions and the front line defence afforded by the use of Defra approved High Level Disinfectant/Cleaner together created reliable barrier against cross-infection, hopefully making a positive contribution to the success of the London Equine Olympic and Paralympic Games - 2012.

About the author:

Jim Hayman is Chairman of Medichem International (Marketing) Ltd, a veterinary biocides manufacturer established over 20 years ago. Jim was recently invited to prepare the detailed cleaning and disinfecting policy for all key stabling, examination and equine transport facilities at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Medichem’s previous recommendations implemented in Hong Kong for the 2008 Games has proved a huge sucess and had built on the previous fifteen years of infection control excellence at the Hong Kong Jockey Club using Medichem disinfectants.